Bringing about Change

A man watering his vertical garden. Jakarta Fisheries, Agriculture and Food Security Agency

As cities run out of space and countries begin the long road ahead of increasing the demand towards agriculture to meet the needs required to feed the billions of people in the world. The United states has seen the growth of countless start ups that aim to help bring food to the communities around them. Andrea Oyuela describes more initiatives that have taken place since the start of the year in How 16 initiatives are changing urban agriculture through tech and innovation. Andrea lists several initiatives around the world all with the goal of bringing change to the way we think of agriculture.

Gotham Greens

Inside a Gotham Greens’ Rooftop garden.
Image result for Gotham Greens Expands to Baltimore
Aerial view of Gotham Greens Baltimore rooftop farm.

The change that has been in the works for a while now is coming from Gotham Greens. This company is another rooftop greenhouse however, where they are different is that this hydroponic is the first of its kind. They looked to large rooftops where they can grow for the community, but what better way to make your mark in a city than to commercialize. In Foodtank’s interview with Gotham Greens, their CEO and co-founder, Viraj Puri states that “the facility will use 100 percent renewable energy and recycled irrigation water.” If Puri is able to stand by what they say this will be a huge benefit to the city of Baltimore. Not only are they going to be supplying large amounts of fresh produce but also without taking water from those communities its surrounds itself with.


At Bowery, we dream of a world where agriculture gives back to the people and planet more than it takes. But to achieve this, we need more than incremental change.

Vision – Bowery Farming

Bowery’s take on urban agriculture is similar to many we have seen before however they took on their take with a challenging twist. They achieve their success through the use of no pesticides and no GMO’s. They look to give the best, although not organic, produce they can grow. The company is also battling the growing challenges the world faces of food and water insecurities. They aim to use as little as 30 % of water that is used normally to grow the crops. While also being able to produce all year round (Bowery). As the company continues to grow they aim to help the food insecurities in their communities by providing fresh produce at lower than market prices.

How Bowery is able to grow year round.

More to come

This is only two of countless organizations, companies, non-profits, that are all doing their part to bring the farm closer to the urban setting. They may all come in different mediums however, their end goal will all be the same. The problem that the world poses against us all will and can be solved by the help of communities around the world and the leaders in the agricultural industry.


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2 thoughts on “Bringing about Change

  1. Respondents/Commenter
    Watching The Bower video gives me a lot of hope for the future of urban agriculture. It’s astonishing to see all the rows of crows being growing on a vertical farm by a company that is trying to make a profit and a delicious product. Let’s hope there will be more companies willing to try these types of systems.


  2. Replying/Commenting
    Reading about these two companies is great! It is amazing to hear about companies that are a part of the urban agriculture sector with innovative ideas. It just shows what a bright future urban agriculture can have, as land for agriculture is limited, it will continue to grow and prosper.


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