Organic Agriculture or Conventional Agriculture?

A question that has come across many people in agriculture is whether organic agriculture is more sustainable or better than our conventional agricultural practices. There are many factors to keep in mind when questioning which is more sustainable. What is Organic Agriculture? First let’s start with mentioning that organic foods are not healthier than foodsContinue reading “Organic Agriculture or Conventional Agriculture?”

Creating Your Own Urban Farm

When most people think agriculture, they do not usually think growing crops in buildings, rooftops, and any available land in cities. We usually think rural farms, whether large or small or family owned. Little do people know that they could have their own farm in their communities. Although it may seem simple to just growContinue reading “Creating Your Own Urban Farm”

Interested in Backyard Poultry Production? Here are the health risks

Raising backyard poultry is a popular way to participate in urban micro-livestock production. Many are drawn to this practice as a way to provide themselves with sustainable, ethically sourced meat and eggs. However, increasingly people are taking up urban poultry production to increase their own self-sufficiency. In fact, the current COVID-19 pandemic has seen theContinue reading “Interested in Backyard Poultry Production? Here are the health risks”

A Second Life for Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles have been receiving plenty of negative press lately, and most of it has been well deserved. Plastic bottles typically have a one time use and then are either recycled or discarded, filling up landfills and our ocean. Recycling can help with the problem, but unfortunately only about 25% of the plastic produced inContinue reading “A Second Life for Plastic Bottles”

Helping Angelinos One Food Delivery At A Time

Food on the Go  The Let’s Feed LA Program has been providing emergency food support to Los Angeles County residents impacted by COVID-19. In a collaborative effort between the Public Health Institute Center for Wellness and Nutrition, Roots of Change, and Wholesome Wave through Let’s Feed LA, Angelinos can have fresh locally grown produce andContinue reading “Helping Angelinos One Food Delivery At A Time”

Agriculture Literacy and Urban Agriculture

Brown cows do not produce chocolate milk. A phrase many people in agriculture laugh at but many people outside of agriculture believe to be true. To be more accurate 7% of Americans believe that brown cows produce chocolate milk (Dewey, 2019). This is due to something called agriculture illiteracy. Being so far detached from yourContinue reading “Agriculture Literacy and Urban Agriculture”

Sweet gold mines and bucket Fungi

I was wondering what you can actually do with urban agriculture. What I learned is that you are definitely not limited to traditional outdoor gardens or farms. There is untapped potential in the world of urban agriculture especially when urban agriculture revolves around adapting. From beekeeping to processing and the ABCs of options you canContinue reading “Sweet gold mines and bucket Fungi”

Is Vertical Farming a Sustainability Solution?

Farming is a noble practice that has allowed humankind to expand and grow. When thinking of such a practice, some may have the image of planting a seed in a flat field of soil. However, this image can be misleading for various reasons because culture and regions can play a factor in the type ofContinue reading “Is Vertical Farming a Sustainability Solution?”

An Innovative Way of Growing Food

In today’s blog, I wanted to reiterate what we learned in our most recent learning unit, and that is innovative ways of growing food in different environments. I would like to start of by referencing a video called What is Aquaponics? How it Works & Why an Aquaponic Setup Can Fail.The word, Hydroponic, comes fromContinue reading “An Innovative Way of Growing Food”