The Benefits Urban Agroforestry Can Provide to Urban Areas

Agroforestry is defined as the integration of trees and shrubs within an agricultural production area where trees are grown alongside or around crops to promote an agroecological approach to farming. Most often perennial woody vegetation is seen managed with common crops. Yet, what are the benefits that Agroforestry can provide to urban areas? Numerous benefitsContinue reading “The Benefits Urban Agroforestry Can Provide to Urban Areas”

Why There Should Be More School Farms and Gardens

Introduction             In recent years, schools have been starting their very own farms or gardens in hopes of educating their students about things such as nutrition, learning about where their food comes from, and how important our environment is. Although not all schools have the space or resources to begin a campus wide school farm, evenContinue reading “Why There Should Be More School Farms and Gardens”

What’s all the Buzz in Urban Agriculture?

Bee-ing Active in Urban Agriculture Bee keeping is an exciting form of agriculture that is taking off in urbanized areas. There are many factors to consider when Starting a Small Beekeeping Operation. To be able to tend to bees, there are many items to consider. These small arthropods or livestock are important contributors to pollinatingContinue reading “What’s all the Buzz in Urban Agriculture?”

Side Effects of COVID-19 around the Globe

COVID-19, the pandemic that halted the world. The world was not prepared for a virus with a force as destructive as we have experienced. The pandemic has been going on for more several months now, and in that time there have been some drastic changes that people around the world have come to adapt to.Continue reading “Side Effects of COVID-19 around the Globe”

Exceptions to the Rules: How Farmers Markets Meet Food Safety Measures

The Importance of Food Safety  Food Safety is the strict practices of when handling, preparing, and storing food to prevent foodborne illnesses. The CDC estimates that 48 million Americans get sick each year from a foodborne illness. The most common pathogenic bacteria that consumers come in contact with includes: Shiga Toxin- producing E. Coli–  STECContinue reading “Exceptions to the Rules: How Farmers Markets Meet Food Safety Measures”

Life or Death: Cuba’s Urban Farming

Life or Death Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba commercially grew sugar cane. It was well known that Cuba traded this crop for staple items like rice, wheat, machinery, gas, and cattle. Unfortunately, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the implementation of the United States trade embargo, Cuba’s agriculture fell shortContinue reading “Life or Death: Cuba’s Urban Farming”

ˈɜrbən•maɪˈkɑlədʒi (urban mycology)

The biggest challenge in urban agriculture is space to grow food. Outside of access to available land, soil contamination, water availability and climate are the major concerns and limiting factors (Wortman & Lovell, 2013). One overlooked option in urban agriculture is mycology, mainly mushrooms. The main reasons mushrooms are fantastic for urban agriculture is thatContinue reading “ˈɜrbən•maɪˈkɑlədʒi (urban mycology)”

Soil Contaminant concerns and alternatives

For my blog, I wanted to go in depth into one of urban agricultures biggest issue, which is the presence of soil contaminants and some alternatives of how we can still continue to grow food when we don’t have viable soil. In many situations, urban soils have been exposed to contamination and degradation due toContinue reading “Soil Contaminant concerns and alternatives”

Health Concerns Amid Covid-19 Make Farmer’s Markets More Difficult and More Important

                During the current pandemic caused by Covid-19, public health concerns are on everyone’s mind. While contracting the virus is the number one worry, staying healthy while attending school remotely or working from home is another issue to consider. The tendency to overeat out of boredom or eating unhealthy fast food, as well as, limitedContinue reading “Health Concerns Amid Covid-19 Make Farmer’s Markets More Difficult and More Important”