Should Gardening be grounded or allowed to flow?

Urban gardens in cities need plenty of room, soil, light, and water. Without some of those, plants cannot grow to their full capacity or bear any produce. Plants can indeed live without what we know as “soil.” Plants can live in running water as long as they have sunlight and oxygen to respirate with; thisContinue reading “Should Gardening be grounded or allowed to flow?”

Things to know before building an Urban Garden

Urban gardens            The popularity of urban gardens has grown scientifically over the pass few years. Urban gardens help provide food security for families who do not have easy access to healthy foods or cannot afford food. With an increase of people creating urban garden they are buying a lot supplies like fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides.Continue reading “Things to know before building an Urban Garden”

Side Effects of COVID-19 around the Globe

COVID-19, the pandemic that halted the world. The world was not prepared for a virus with a force as destructive as we have experienced. The pandemic has been going on for more several months now, and in that time there have been some drastic changes that people around the world have come to adapt to.Continue reading “Side Effects of COVID-19 around the Globe”

Growing in Recycle Containers on Urban Farms

One of the biggest complications of urban agriculture is growing food in soils that previously had types of hazardous substance or contaminants on the property. Growing just near buildings has also led to serious concerns, due to the elevated levels of lead in the soils close to buildings where lead based paint has been used.Continue reading “Growing in Recycle Containers on Urban Farms”

Urban Agriculture: Its place in resiliency.

Taking urban agriculture into ones’ own hands may be a difficult task, but if there is a community involved, people who want to help create a better homestead will be ready. In the article from Science Direct, it talked about the diverse ways to create a better place for urban agriculture, the positive impacts itContinue reading “Urban Agriculture: Its place in resiliency.”

Expansion of Urban Agriculture During a Pandemic

Urban agriculture has grown significantly over the past few years. Urban farming projects are being developed in several cities in the United States. In Los Angeles we are seeing urban farming projects being develop in diverse communities where families do not have easy access to healthy groceries stores and in New York City roof topContinue reading “Expansion of Urban Agriculture During a Pandemic”