Grow To Learn, Grow To Love:

Bringing Children Into the Garden and Those Veggies Onto Their Plates                 “Eat your veggies or no dessert!”                 Have you ever said those words? Has someone said them to you? If you are a parent, the answer might be yes to both questions. It is well known fact that parents have struggled to encourageContinue reading “Grow To Learn, Grow To Love:”

Should Gardening be grounded or allowed to flow?

Urban gardens in cities need plenty of room, soil, light, and water. Without some of those, plants cannot grow to their full capacity or bear any produce. Plants can indeed live without what we know as “soil.” Plants can live in running water as long as they have sunlight and oxygen to respirate with; thisContinue reading “Should Gardening be grounded or allowed to flow?”

Things to know before building an Urban Garden

Urban gardens            The popularity of urban gardens has grown scientifically over the pass few years. Urban gardens help provide food security for families who do not have easy access to healthy foods or cannot afford food. With an increase of people creating urban garden they are buying a lot supplies like fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides.Continue reading “Things to know before building an Urban Garden”